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Who are we?

We are an independent, Santa Barbara-based wealth management firm providing clear financial advice. You will have direct access to our Senior Team with decades of experience to help you grow, manage and live off your investments.

How do we help?

Are you ready for retirement?

Most of our clients want help with retirement planning. Do you have enough? Are you making the right decisions? It's never too early (or too late) to start planning.

Are you ready?

Let's find out together.


Click the link below to fill out your Asset Map - a service that provides a snapshot of your financial picture as it stands today. We'll get notified and be in touch about next steps.

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Santa barbara home of curtis advisory group

What do we do?

In the face of uncertainty, stress and stormy waters, we help our clients become RESILIENT investors. While every client's needs and goals are different, our process is designed to help you feel CONFIDENT for whatever comes your way.


We meet to learn about (or help clarify) your goals and understand your situation so we can chart a course and determine a destination.


We design a tailored investment portfolio with careful consideration to risk, reward and your personal preferences. We are regularly looking for opportunities to improve your portfolio.


We will monitor your plan and keep a look out for obstacles and storms on the horizon. Avoiding pitfalls is an important part of your journey.


We keep you informed so that you can focus on what you enjoy and find rewarding.

Who do we serve?

Many of our clients are committed to a deliberate process and work with us to follow the plan we develop together. Our personalized services are tailored to your life stage and needs. Please click below to find out more about the questions we answer for each age group.

Specialized Services

Small Business Owners

Busy owners have additional complexity that should not be ignored.

Foundations & Endowments

A customized investment management process that aligns with your values and philanthropic goals.


From cash management to retirement plans, we can help.

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We're not just investment managers.

Of course, we are independent, fiduciary investment professionals with a sound investment process and sophisticated financial planning software. We care most about developing personalized plans to achieve your financial goals.

Why us?

Are we available?

Yes. What you see is what you get, so when you reach out you hear back directly from us. And we are accepting new clients.

By the Numbers

Numbers aren't everything, but our world is numbers so we thought we'd provide a few.

Santa barbara couple considering financial advisors


We work with more than 125 households across 12 states. We know each of them by name and they have direct access to each of our team members.

santa barbara home of curtis advisory group


Curtis Advisory Group is Independently owned in Santa Barbara. Being independent allows us to make decisions for our clients without any outside sales pressure or influence.

Keeping your money safe

$418 Million

We manage more than $400 million (as of 12/2023) for our clients as fiduciaries. When we make decisions, we put your interests first.

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